Teaching The Mainstream Program of Modern Western Square Dancing



Written by Daryl Clendenin

81 Pages

This book takes a unique approach to teaching beginner square dancers. The key is to use the Sicilian Circle and Contra Lines as the primary teaching formations in addition to the Square! While the teaching order varies greatly from the teaching order recommended by CALLERLAB, it can be successfully used if the teaching sequence is coordinated with other instructors in the area to enable the dancers to join together for class level dances. Instructions on use of the methods for fewer than six couples are included. The use of the Sicilian Circle and Contra Lines also gives the newer callers a great opportunity to exercise their abilities in “Two Couple Sight Resolution”.
Teaching The Basic Modern Western Square Dance Program

  • Mainstream Square Dance Program
  • Complete 20 Week Curriculum
  • Uses Squares, Sicilian Circle and Contra Lines Formations
  • Routines & Singing Call Figures

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