Step Lively 3 – Primary Dances (Book and CD)



Written by Marian Rose

56 Pages

26 Dances for Primary School Teachers or Families

At long last – the book you’ve all been asking for! Twenty-eight dances and singing games for children in the primary grades. Some of the dances are traditional, some are adaptations, and some are created by the author to teach specific folk dance skills. Step Lively 3 features the same musical crew and illustrator as the first two books in the series, and the music is once again irresistibly danceable. The dance descriptions are clear and explicit, so that teachers can use them with confidence and with a minimum of preparation.

Goin’ to Alberta, Off to the Rodeo, Kindergarten Reel, Old King Glory
Wishy Washy, Bluebird, Bow Wow Wow, Let Me See Your Elephant
I See You, Grandma’s Sparrow, Down The River, Circle Round the Zero
Jump Jim Joe, Swinging on a Swing, Lott ist Todt, Shake Shake Shake
Shoo Fly, Pop Goes the Weasel, Danish Dance of Greeting,
Sweets o May, Deder Mikkel, Ee Yay Yay, Star Dance, Fjaskern
Gypsy Circle, Ah Lovely Meadows

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