Standard Choreography For Square Dance Callers



Written by Jerry Junck and Jim Mayo

63 Pages

A Square Dance Teacher’s Standard Choreography Source Book for Basic & Mainstream

Jerry and Jim have more than 80 years of calling experience between them and have combined their extensive knowledge into this excellent source book.

Intended for both the newer as well as the experienced caller, this book will provide choreographic material for calling CALLERLAB “Standard Position Choreography”. This will enable callers to call really fun material without making the dancers work so hard!
Includes hundreds of patter sequences as well as singing call figures. Many of the routines can be easily adapted for singing calls by substituting “SWING WITH CORNER” for the “ALLEMANDE LEFT” to provide the usual corner progression. Routines with 64 beats are marked with an * at the start of the first line. Several sections of just singing calls are included. All dance material includes only the calls preceeding it in the book.

  • Large typeface and spiral bound for 63 pages of easy reading to help you and your dancers!
  • Basic & Mainstream Standard Square Dance Choreography
  • Patter Routines
  • Singing Call Figures

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