Round Dance Manual for Beginners



Written by Lloyd and Eileen Lockerman

24 Pages

The purpose of this manual is to provide the Beginning Round Dancer a simple and ready reference to the language, terms, and mechanics of basics that will be covered in the beginners class. For better understanding and simplicity, the basics are presented in their pure form without styling detail, foot identification, position, modifications or variations, all of which are covered in definitions or class presentations. It is intended that this manual serve as a tool during the learning process and should not be construed as a technical publication. We hope you find the information helpful.

Our objective is to teach the beginner to dance by developing a feel and understanding of rhythm and the interpretation of this musical phrasing into the physical motion of Round Dance Basics. As we master this association of Basics and rhythm, we create the solid foundation from which Round Dance routines can quickly and easily be learned.

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