Fancy Figures – Phase III Moderns (Foxtrot, QuickStep, Argentine Tango)



Written by Kaye Anderson

150 Pages

Readers of this book most probably are interested in those figures grouped by Roundalab, the association of round dance teachers, as Phase III and/or advanced variations of those figures. Presumably round dancers have been dancing for some time and are well grounded in the basics: the actions and movements which pertain to all rhythms and which comprise the figures for dancing, basic conventions used in round dancing, positions, and some general terminology. Additionally they are familiar with the figures which are included in Phase I and II (two-step and waltz rhythms) and possibly some of the figures in Phase III of the two-step and waltz.

This book and its companion, (Fancy Figures: Phase III Latins) are improved to help dancers learn the basic figures in Phase III beyond the two-step and waltz rhythms, to improve their dancing technique even when they have been dancing for many years, and to help dancers learn variations of the Phase III figures which are not included in other lists. This book is part of a series of books called the Fancy Dancing Series.

Phase III Moderns [Foxtrot, Quickstep, and Argentine Tango] with Advanced Variations will include the figures defined by Roundalab as Phase III figures (except those in the two-step and waltz rhythms which are included in previous volumes). Numerous variations of the basic figures are also included (97 figures and variations are defined and there are 97 diagrams in the Moderns book; 132 figures and variations are defined and there are 111 diagrams in the Latins book), and there are comments to help dancers improve their technique to enhance their dancing style.

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