Cold Feet II – Beginning Waltz and Two-Step Basics



Written by Kaye Anderson

164 Pages

This book (168 pages) is designed to get you started. It is designated to serve a need for those who want a basic reference in one handy volume to reinforce what they learn in their round dance classes. It is a response to the popular demand for Cold Feet, the 1982 book subsequently expanded to three volumes, and hence it bears the name of that original work but the information is all updated and revised.

This book does not include all of the information known about round dancing of the waltz and two-step. After studying dancing very extensively for 15 years, I can confidently say that this field of study is like many others: it has experienced a “knowledge explosion.” The more we do the various figures and study dancing , the more nuances we discover about how to perform the figures , and the more skilled we realize we must become in trying to put into words descriptions of how to do them for other dancers. It is a fascinating study!

The information in this book includes the basics for the two-step rhythm (phases I-III) and the waltz rhythm (phases I-II). For those who want information on timing and styling, descriptions of many of the variations of figures, more detail regarding the various figures, etc., are encouraged to study the first three books of the Fancy Dancing Series.

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