CALLERLAB Extended Challenge Program (C-2)



Compiled by Ruth Graser – Edited by Ed Foote

44 Pages

This book is a compilation of the Callerlab Extended Challange Program (C-2) list, and follows the Callerlab definitions as closely as possible. The calls are defined and then diagrammed to show starting, in-between (if appropriate), and ending positions for each call
on the list.

Each Book Contains:

  • Diagrams and definitions of every call on the Callerlab list covered. (A-1 and A-2 all in one book)
  • All-position Dance-By-Definition concepts shown, most calls diagrammed several times to show different positions.
  • Helpful hints for dancing the calls presented.
  • Plus book contains Callerlab styling and timing notes.
  • Size is 8 1/2 x 11, spiral binding so book will lay flat when open.
  • Printing and diagrams very clear. Laser printing gives clear, sharp images.
  • Most complete diagram and definition books available, widely acclaimed by dancers & callers.

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