CALLERLAB Basic Challenge Program (C-1)



Compiled by Ruth Graser – Edited by Ed Foote

47 Pages

Welcome to the world of Challenge. We are presenting the following material as an aid in learning the Challenge Basic C-1 list.  Generally speaking, Callerlab definitions have been followed as closely as possible. The calls are defined and then diagrammed to show starting, in-between (if appropriate), and ending positions for each call on the list.

Code of Conduct for the Challenge Tape Workshop
Leaders and Trailers
Glossary of Modifying Terms
Helpful Information Regarding Use of Diagrams
Callerlab Basic Challenge Program (C-1) List (Rev. 10/95)

Each Book Contains:

  • Diagrams and definitions of every call on the Callerlab list covered. (A-1 and A-2 all in one book)
  • All-position Dance-By-Definition concepts shown, most calls diagrammed several times to show different positions.
  • Helpful hints for dancing the calls presented.
  • Plus book contains Callerlab styling and timing notes.
  • Size is 8 1/2 x 11, spiral binding so book will lay flat when open.
  • Printing and diagrams very clear. Laser printing gives clear, sharp images.
  • Most complete diagram and definition books available, widely acclaimed by dancers & callers.

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