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The Art and Science of Calling Square Dances
Compiled by Bob Osgood
Organized by Bill Peters

The CallerText (“Original” Set-In-Order Publication). 636 Pages in a heavy duty three-ring binder!

This is your workbook. It has been prepared to serve you for as long as you are involved in calling square dances. Just starting out? What decisions need to be made? Have a desire to be more productive, to improve your calling in order to attract more dancers? Whatever your needs, you’ll find sections in the CallerText that will answer them. Unlike a book written by a single author, the CallerText reflects the thinking and expertise of almost 150 individuals – callers, teachers, and leaders – whose thoughts and experiences are reflected in articles they wrote and which have appeared over a period of 37 years in Sets in Order (SQUARE DANCING) Magazine. Because of the specialized background of each of the authors, the CallerText becomes a reservoir of knowledge designed to guide and inspire the brand new caller and to reinforce and support the veteran. A certain amount of continuity has been accomplished by grouping articles according to subject matter and arranging them in a logical order. At the same time every effort has been made to insure that the book includes all the topics contained in the Callerlab callers school curriculum.

The CallerText is a book of ideas; it is not a book of calls although it does include some drills to illustrate certain chapters. Calls continue to change; concerns, responsibilities, ethics, history, teaching techniques, leadership skills, etc.,do not change. That is what this book is all about.


  • Square Dancing’s History and Heritage
  • The Nature of Square Dancing
  • About Callers in General
  • Is Calling for Me?
  • How to Begin
  • The Need for Judgement
  • Square Dance Music
  • Voice and Vocal Technique
  • Directional Calling
  • Caller Showmanship
  • The Caller as Master of Ceremonies
  • Mechanics of Square Dancing Choreography
  • Smooth Dancing and Flow
  • Timing
  • Memory
  • Module Calling
  • Mental Image Calling
  • Sight Calling
  • Teaching Beginners
  • How Dancers Learn
  • Preparation for Teaching
  • The Lesson Plan
  • Teaching Techniques
  • Teaching Styling, Customs, and Developing
  • Workshop Teaching
  • Teaching at a One-Night Stand
  • Singing Calls
  • Sound and Audio Skills
  • Setting Program Goals
  • The Level of a Dance
  • Finding Choreography to Fit the Program
  • Music and Showmanship as Programming
  • Every Caller is a Leader
  • Leadership and Human Relations
  • Caller Ethics and Professionalism
  • The Recruitment of New Dancers
  • Community Relations
  • Businessman With a Microphone
  • The Economics of Calling
  • A Caller’s Taxes
  • The Role of the Caller’s Partner
  • Related Programs: Round Dancing
  • Related Programs: Contra Dancing
  • Help From Outside Sources
  • How a Caller Helps Himself
  • Callers Associations

And More…


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