Caller Teacher Manual



For the Basics and Mainstream Basics of American Square Dancing
Compiled by Bob Osgood

The Caller Teacher Manual (“Original” Set-In-Order Publication). 320 Pages in a heavy duty three-ring binder!

  • The Techniques of Teaching
  • The Importance of Class
  • The Basic and Mainstream Programs
  • The List of Mainstream Basics
  • Styling
  • Styling Comments from Callerlab
  • Timing
  • Teaching
  • Squares and Drills
  • The Goal of a Beginners Class
  • The 41 Teaching Segments
  • The Lesson Plan
  • Be Prepared for Class
  • Your Basic Movements Checklist
  • The Formations Used in Mainstream
  • Observation Points
  • A Basic Program of American Square Dancing
  • The Mainstream Program of Square Dancing
  • Glossary of Additional Terms
  • First Night of a Beginners Class
  • Forms

And more!

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