Bill Peters Callers Guidebook Series – Book 1B/1C – The Mighty Module/Sight Calling Made Easy



Written by Bill Peters

90 Pages

This is a special combined volume of the original Books 1B and 1C. The Mighty Module teaches you how to use modules as a primary patter-building tool. Clearly written text covers the Dynamics of Modern Choreography, Modular “Building-Block” Techniques, “Mix-and-Match” Techniques to accommodate all dance levels.  Sight Calling Made Easy is devoted exclusively to the how and why of Sight Calling.  Learn how to successfully improvise your patter presentations with this easy-to-read Guidebook covering all sight calling skills.  This book is a must for callers who want to learn to sight call – or who want to improve their ability to call patter extemporaneously. Many successful callers use both Sight and Modular techniques. We now offer both Guidebooks – combined and bound into a single volume.

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