We are only just getting started, but take a look at this List of Labels Selling On So Far!

Chaparral, Roadrunner, Old Timer, BVR, B-BAR-H, J-BAR-L, Blue Star, Hi Hat, Cheyenne, Chinook, Hoedowner, ESP, Miracle, Silver Sounds, Sound 2000, Square One, Platinum, GR8 Trax, ABC, Gramophone, Imperial, Marble, BBear, Prairie, Mountain, Desert, Ocean, Ute, MarLet, Crown, Unicorn, Ostrich-M-Tunes, MAP, Double “M”, Elite, Shakedown, Snow, Sting, Tarheel, FineTune, Goldwing, Traditional Caller Productions, JR, Gold Rush, Ausie Tempos, Down Under, Toddy’s Tunes, 4-Bar-B, Big Mac, Black Hat, Black Mountain Valley, Brahma, Cardinal, Corral, Clover Leaf, Chicago Country, Cross Country, Family Squares, Flip, Full Time Caller, Falcon, Gaslight, Grenn, Golden Throat, Pioneer, Pulse, Nickle, Mustang, Quadrille, River Boat, Scope, Square L, Sets In Order, Sundown Ranch, Square Tunes, Sunshine Squares, Sunny Hills, Thunder Bird, Top, White Knight, Venture, Whispering Pines, Lamplighter, Donald Duck Productions, and Heartland Records and the Royal Classic Collection.

That’s SEVENTY (70) labels so far, from dozens of different producers! In the coming months, we’ll be adding new labels too!

This month, as part of our “Grand Re-Launch” we are introducing Arrowhead Recordings by Dean Singleton with 5 new singing calls and a new Patter recording. He’s got some great, new, modern, music with a great beat. Be sure to check out Arrowhead