We’ve got to admit…the “Equipment” choices in our store are fairly limited. In fact, the “Equipment” choices are limited to just the ONE ElectroVoice N/D 767a Microphone we are selling as part of our “Grand Re-Launch Special” (along with the 2 FREE MP3 Downloads).

No need to keep searching…there is no other physical inventory available for sale at this time at DOSADO.com.

Why are we doing this? We want to be sure that our store is functioning properly and you get the item you asked for without any concerns.

We will sell just this ONE microphone (along with MP3 downloads) for at least the first full week of January 2016. Once we are satisfied that the store is working correctly, we will add many more items to our inventory.

**PLEASE NOTE** If we come across a “glitch” in the shipping system, we reserve the right to cancel your purchase and then manually figure out the correct shipping costs. **PLEASE NOTE**

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