March 2016 is “Pick a Peck of Patters Month”!

March 2016 is “Pick a Peck of Patters Month”!

Hello All,

All good things must come to an end, and after an extended month of February thanks to leap year, our sale on ElectroVoice Microphones is over. Yes, we still have some in stock, but as we were selling them cheaper than we were buying them, we could only keep doing that so long. The GOOD NEWS is that there are still suppliers out there with stock, and they are still available in places like and eBay until the supplies run out, so please grab them while you can. I understand the need to save what you can when you can, so you won’t hurt our feelings too much!

That brings us to March 2016, and our “Pick a Peck of Patters Month”. We have approximately 200 patter records available…many of them 2 for 1, and ALL of them for just $5.00 for the month of March. (Yes, that’s $2.50 per cut in most cases.) Why don’t you take the time to browse through our collection of patter records and take this opportunity to expand your patter record collection. ALL patter records or “hoedowns” are just $5.00 for the month of March.

Please help spread the word!

We’ve still got lots of fires we are trying to put out. Yak Stacks, Hilton Audio Products, diploma’s, etc. We’ve got a million things in the works, but nothing finalized yet. Please check back regularly for updates.

Thank You!

Paul and Mary Ellen Cote