We’ve put together some video tutorials on how to purchase music and additional things that might be helpful. If you think of anything that would be particularly helpful to have, just let us know and we will see about providing instructions here!

Customer Service

I paid for my music and haven’t receive any emails or any information about my download!

After your payment has been successfully processed, you should receive an email from with information on your purchase and how to download your music.

If you would like to check on the status of your order, or you think the email may have been lost, please click on My Account in the menu bar, log in with your username and password, and you will see your order information.

Please make sure that you add to your spam filters and check to make sure that email isn’t going into your Trash or Spam folders.


General Information

Are you still going to sell and support Digital Music Musician (DMM)?

Digital Music Magician was always supported by its author, Bill Heyman…not merely provided Bill a place to “sell his wares”.

We have extended that same invitation to Bill going forward. We’ll provide a place for him to continue to sell his product, provided that he is willing to continue to support it.

Apparently, the transition from the old server to our server is NOT a simple process, but Bill is looking in to what it would take to get that done. It will NOT be quick. It is much more involved than you would expect as the program is written in an older language and will need an extensive re-write.

So…the short answer is…DMM is not (and has never been) our responsibility, however, we would be glad to continue to make it available if Bill can get it back up and running properly on our servers.

Our suggestion is to sign up for the monthly newsletter on the front page of the website to be kept up to date with any new news. Please DO NOT reach out to Bill for updates as he is “retired” at this point, and he will share all news right here on

What’s happened to the website?

On January 1, 2016, we launched our brand new website. Even after more than 300 hours of work related to the site, we realize that we still have a long way to go to make it the special place we want you to visit on the web. We will continue to make improvements over the next several weeks and hope that you’ll offer your constructive feedback about the new site and it’s content.

Here are some problem pieces we are working on currently:

  • The store is still in it’s “Test Phase” so it will only process sales of MP3 Downloads and our “Grand Re-Launch Special” microphone. The store will remain in the testing phase for approximately one week, and then we will add more products to it.
  • The Calendar function of the website is having problems. We are working on those issues at this time.

Why the change? What’s going on?

During Thanksgiving week 2015, Paul and Mary Ellen Cote (owners of Hilton Audio purchased all of the square dance related assets of from Pam Dillander. During that week, we transported the inventory from Shepherdsville, Kentucky to Houston, Texas and began a full re-design of the website including a store with instant downloads of mp3 music. The transition will take several weeks, but we hope you will see dramatic improvements to the site each time you come back.

What are your intentions with

Mary Ellen and I purchased the square dance related assets of with the main goal of returning the website to the primary information resource it was in years past. We want dancers, callers, and clubs alike to all have a reliable source of information related to the square dance activity. We also want to make the website much more accessible to the general public when non-dancers are looking for information about the great benefits of our activity.

Where did all the music go? Are you going to be selling all labels?

We are currently selling music from more than 70 labels and dozens of producers. We are thrilled with the number of producers who have decided to stick with us as we try to return to it’s “glory days”. We’d also like to welcome the NEW labels that are signing on at this time. Our first new label is “Arrowhead Recordings”. We will continue to add content as it is provided by the producers.

Are you selling CD’s?

We are NOT selling CD’s for at least the first 90 days the store is open. We have not made a final decision on selling CD’s, and we will make that decision based on your response here on the website. CD’s require time, space, and work that just is not required for mp3’s. In order to keep selling them, we have to justify the added cost of production and storage. Please let us know how important CD’s are to you. Please fill out the CD Poll under the Music Tab of the front page or send us an email to The EARLIEST CD’s will be available again is March 31, 2016.

Are you selling vinyl (45rpm records)?

No. There is no longer any vinyl available at Sales of vinyl for the past several years have not been high enough to pay for the insurance required to protect it. The cost of transporting and storing vinyl that was already being sold at a loss was prohibitive. The vinyl previously owned by has been sent out to be recycled.

Wait! Did you say you destroyed nearly a QUARTER MILLION RECORDS???????

Yes. We did, in fact, send 220,000 45rpm records to be recycled. It is unfortunate, but it was absolutely necessary.

Over the past three years, didn’t sell enough vinyl to even cover the cost of insuring that inventory. While considering that last sentence, also consider that it would have taken 2 tractor trailers just to carry the vinyl (that already doesn’t pay for itself) down to Houston, at the cost of several thousand dollars. While considering those last two sentences, also consider that we would have had to rent storage facilities and/or a climate controlled warehouse to house all of that inventory…another several hundred dollars every month…to store vinyl that has not paid for itself in sales over the past three years.

We did NOT make this decision lightly. We offered to sell the entire inventory of vinyl for mere pennies on the dollar (5 cents a record in fact!), but the logistics made a sale impossible. Nobody has a spare warehouse sitting around empty for vinyl that hasn’t sold in decades. At the same time, as the new owners, we couldn’t handle a quarter million records flooding the market on eBay at a quarter a piece, because each of the popular tunes that would continue to sell would cost us the sale of an mp3.

It is an absolute shame that we had to destroy that inventory, but we made sure to convert every piece of music we own to mp3 before we destroyed the vinyl so that the music can live on for generations to come. We suggested to producers that they do the same with all of the music that they own, because we have no legal right to convert music that we don’t own to sell as mp3’s.

The fact of the matter is this folks…times are very lean in square dancing, and if we hope to keep the activity alive, we’ve got to tighten the belt, and run a lean business model. At one time, Hilton had 15 people working for it. Now it’s me, and a part time technician. had several employees at one time as well…again…in order to keep the business alive, it is again going to be me and a part timer. That is how lean things have to be going forward…and I STILL don’t expect to make as much as I did at my day job between and Hilton Audio combined.

I’ve already started getting the complaints of angry people. I’m sorry that you are upset. Our goal was not to destroy…but to make sure we could preserve as much as possible for future generations. The last source of 45rpm vinyl square dance records that we are aware of is Bob and Marie Shiver, at A&S Record Shop. We hope that those of you who still need vinyl will consider reaching out to them.

Thank You,

Paul Cote

What about equipment? will continue to sell equipment like the Yak Stack and accessories, though all equipment will eventually be phased over to the Hilton Audio Products name. Hilton will be all about equipment. will be all about music, and as an information source for the activity.

What about Palomino? What about Record Pressing?

Non-Square Dance Related portions of Palomino and the record pressing business are still owned by Pam, and run by her son Travis. You can find all of the information related to Palomino at the following link: