P a l o m i n o     R e c o r d s     P r e s s i n g

         We offer all aspects of record making including mastering,
   electroforming, label printing, and vinyl pressing all under one roof.
      Specializing in quality and service for smaller runs!

Here is a short video of an album being pressed on our manual Finebilt:

These are the different label paper colors we offer:

Along with our standard black vinyl we also offer:

- White (Solid)
- Blue (Solid and Transparent)
- Red (Solid and Transparent)
- Yellow (Solid)
- Green (Transparent)
- Light Green 'Coke Bottle' (Transparent)
- Pink (Solid)
- Gold (Transparent)
- Orange (Transparent)
- Clear (Transparent)
- Frosted Clear (Solid/Transparent Mix)

Below are some samples of different color vinyl combinations
(Many color mixes are random and can change from week to week):

Black/White Half&HalfArmy GreenPink/BlackPurple/BlackGray/BlackRandom MixGreen/BlackPurple/WhiteBlue/WhiteMaroon MixTransparent ClearRoot BeerTransparent GoldTransparent Orange