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Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.COM - The Original Community Page for Modern Western Square Dancing
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Bill Peters Book
"Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.COM", proudly presents Bill Peters' autobiography Shades of Gray. At Bill's request, these downloads are FREE.

Foreward by Jim Mayo:

Bill Peters Bill Peters was a widely travelled caller from California. He started calling in the late 1950's as modern square dancing began its most rapid change. He was active as a leader, teacher of callers and founding member of CALLERLAB.

The textbooks he wrote for student callers have helped many to be better callers. The description of his square dance life tells much about the activity.

However, his autobiography is interesting for much more than his involvement with square dancing. Bill was always a skilled writer. He arrived in America from Germany with his parents as a very young boy. The tales of his life growing up in Brooklyn during the Great Depression are told with feeling and humor.

Although he wrote it as a memoir for his family, I urged Bill to make his book available to square dancers and others. I'm sure you will find it entertaining.

I am also grateful to Tom Dillander for making the space available on this website so that you may have easy access to Bill Peters' book.

Jim Mayo

Right-mouse click on each file and select SAVE TARGET AS with a left-mouse click.

Complete Book:
1. Chapters 1 - 20 - 4.9 MB

In Memorium:
1. In Memorium

By Chapter:
1. Chapters 1 - 4 - 1.1 MB

2. Chapters 5 - 7 - 828 KB

3. Chapters 8 - 10 - 898 KB

4. Chapters 11 - 13 - 1.2 MB

5. Chapters 14 - 16 477KB

6. Chapters 17 - 19 - 766KB

7. Chapter 20 - 244 KB

7. Photos Page - 195KB

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