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Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.COM - The Original Community Page for Modern Western Square Dancing
Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.COM - The Original Community Page for Modern Western Square Dancing
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Call Lists and Definitions

Table of contents

CALLERLAB official lists and definitions
Non-CALLERLAB lists and definitions

CALLERLAB Lists and Definitions
We are pleased to provide a link to the official CALLERLAB website with lists and definitions on-line at CALLERLAB.ORG | Dance Programs | Lists & Definitions (HTML & PDF)
Non-CALLERLAB Lists and Definitions
ACA lists
Logical Integrated Single-Season Teaching Order (LISST) Santa Clara Valley Callers Association (12/95)

Other List and Definition Resources
Challenge Square Dancing by Lynette Bellini. Many of the lists below are links to her page.
The Mixed Up Squares page includes C3 and C4 definitions.

Ceder Chest Definition Books
Challenge Square Dancing by Vic Ceder. Contains program lists and definitions
Challenge Square Dancing by Charles Young Square Dancing Notes - Diagrams - Articles.
Advanced & Challenge Convention Photos by Gary Cohane
Challenge Square Dancing for Most of Us by Charles O. Young
       Notes, Diagrams, Articles aiding understanding concepts and calls (at least thru C3A).
Vic Ceder's C-1 definitions
Mike Jacobs' C-1 teaching order
Ben Rubright's C-1 Pocket Reference
Big Five's C-1 teaching order
Vic Ceder's C-2 definitions
Mike Jacobs' C-2 teaching order
Ben Rubright's C-2 Pocket Reference
Rob and CJ's C-2 teaching order
C-3A and C-3B
C-3A program - Lynette Bellini (1/96)
C-3B program - Lynette Bellini (1/96)
Vic Ceder's C-3A definitions
Vic Ceder's C-3B definitions
Ben Rubright's C-3 Pocket Reference
C-3X and C-4
C3X definitions - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 - Sue Curtis
Old C3X Calls definitions - Sue Curtis
Kathy Godfrey's Unified C-4 List (11/98) - tabular (1995 version)
Lynette Bellini's C-4 Call List - Concept List
Vic Ceder's C-4 Call List
Ben Rubright's C-4 Call List - Concept List
Ben Rubright's C-4 Pocket Reference
Dave Wilson's 2006 C-4 List
C4 Learning Tapes by Ivan Wilfong
Interactive Flash Cards to help people memorize definitions by Nick Varacalli
CALLERLAB (link) Callers' Code of Ethics

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