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CALLERLAB PROGRAMS - Basic/Mainstream/Plus

Basic/Mainstream Revised 12/10/93, Plus Revised 4/12/94

This document is derived from the official Callerlab Basic/Mainstream/Plus Program List. It is copyrighted by Callerlab. This document may not be reproduced for profit without permission from Callerlab.

The TeX/HTML version was produced by Rob French using HyperLaTeX. It was originally scanned by Doug Sewell. Our thanks to Callerlab for allowing us to publish this information on-line. The TeX/HTML document was last updated September 12, 1995.

Why Programs and Lists?

CALLERLAB programs define a world-wide standard of square dance calls to be taught in square dance classes or workshops. Program lists, such as this one, list the set of calls that may be called at a dance advertised to be a specific dance program i.e. Basic, Mainstream, Plus, etc. Dance promoters are encouraged to list the program to be danced on flyers, brochures and other advertisements of open dances. Dancers should refer to the program designations to seek out dances that will consist of material with which they are familiar. Program lists are used by callers in programming an appropriate dance for a specific group of dancers. Including the desired program in the caller's confirmation agreement will provide programming guidance to the caller as well as protection for the sponsoring organization.

The program(s) are not intended to segregate dancers into exclusive groups or to indicate that one who chooses to dance at his or her own preferred program is any better, or any worse, than any other dancer. Dancing skill can be achieved at many programs, and the quantity of calls is not necessarily an indication of dancer proficiency. It is hoped that the program lists will be used to aid in a logical teaching progression and thorough coverage of basics in classes and to provide an enjoyable modern square dance for dancers of all inclinations. In addition, CALLERLAB's intent is that approved styling and timing of square dance movements will be an integral part of all classes and dance programs. It is also hoped that proper teaching, including timing and styling, will result in smooth dancing for the greater enjoyment of all.

What Next?

Responsible leaders, within and outside of CALLERLAB, recommend that dancers dance regularly at the program at which they graduate for at least one (1) year before they enter into classes or workshops for another program. This means that dancers graduating from the Mainstream Program should dance regularly at Mainstream dances for a year before going into the Plus Program. Graduates from the Plus Program should dance regularly at Plus dances for a year before going into an Advanced Program, etc.

There should be no pressure for movement from one program to another once a dancer has graduated. Dancers should be encouraged to take their time, enjoy the fun and fellowship and learn to dance well at that program before moving on to another program.

What About Quarterly Selections?

Dancers are not required to know the Quarterly Selections in order to attend an advertised Mainstream or Plus dance.

Quarterly Selections are not part of the Mainstream or Plus Programs. They are provided as optional material for those callers and/or clubs that wish to include a workshop in their programs. Callers are reminded that Quarterly Selections should not be used unless they are walked through or workshopped first.


              BASIC - MAINSTREAM - PLUS
                BASIC PROGRAM (B) 1-49
T*              Circle Family
                a. Left
                b. Right
        2.      Forward & Back
        3.      Dosado
        4.      Swing
        5.      Promenade Family
                a. Couples (full, 1/2, 3/4)
                b. Single file
        6.      Allemande Family
                a. Left
                b. Left arm turn
                c. Right arm turn
T       7.      Right & Left Grand Family
                a. Right and left grand
                b. Weave the ring
                c. Wrong way grand
T       8.      Star Family
                a. Left
                b. Right
T       9.      Star Promenade
T       10.     Pass Thru
T       11.     Split the Outside Couple
T       12.     Half Sashay Family
                a. Half Sashay
1950            b. Rollaway
                c. Ladies in, men sashay
?       13.     Turn Back Family
1954            a. U turn back
                b. Gents or Ladies Backtrack
T       14.     Separate
1952    15.     Courtesy Turn
T       16.     Ladies Chain Family
                a. Two Ladies (reg. & 3/4)
                b. Four Ladies (reg. & 3/4)
                c. Chain Down the Line
9       17.     Do Paso
T       18.     Lead Right
T       19.     Right and Left Thru
T       20.     Grand Square
1960    21.     Star Thru
T       22.     Circle to a Line
1957    23.     Bend the Line
T       24.     All Around the Left Hand Lady
?       25.     See Saw
1957    26.     Square Thru Family (1-5 hands)
                a. Square thru
                b. Left square thru
1953    27.     California Twirl
T       28.     Dive Thru
1958    29.     Wheel Around
1938    30.     Thar Family
                a. Allemande thar
                b. Wrong way thar
?       31.     Shoot the Star
                (Reg Full Around)
?       32.     Slip the Clutch
T       33.     Box the Gnat
?       34.     Ocean Wave Family
                a. Right hand wave
                b. Left hand wave
1949            c. Alamo style wave
                d. Wave balance
1965    35.     Pass the Ocean
        36.     Extend (1/4 tag only)
1962    37.     Swing Thru Family
                a. Swing thru
                b. Alamo swing thru
                c. Left swing thru
1963    38.     Run Family
                a. Boys, b. Girls, c. Ends,
                d. Centers, e. Cross
1965    39.     Trade Family
                a. Boys, b. Girls, c. Ends,
                d. Center, e. Couples, f. Partner
1960    40.     Wheel & Deal Family
                a. From lines of four
                b. From two-faced lines
1956    41.     Double Pass Thru
1972    42.     Zoom
1970    43.     Flutterwheel Family
                a. Flutterwheel
                b. Reverseflutterwheel
1971    44.     Sweep a Quarter
1961    45.     Veer Family
                a. Left
                b. Right
1969    46.     Trade By
1976    47.     Touch 1/4
1963    48.     Circulate Family
                a. Boys, b. Girls, c. All eight,
                d. Ends, e. Centers, f. Couples,
                g. Box, h. Single File (column),
                i. Split
1974    49.     Ferris Wheel
1963    50.     Cloverleaf
1964    51.     Turn Thru
1957    52.     Eight Chain Thru
                (1-8 hands)
1966    53.     Pass to the Center
1964    54.     Spin the Top
?       55.     Centers In
1959    56.     Cast Off 3/4
1967    57.     Walk & Dodge
1965    58.     Slide Thru
1963    59.     Fold Family
                a. Boys, b. Girls, c. Ends
                d. Centers, e. Cross
l957    60.     Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave
1967    61.     Spin Chain Thru
1969    62.     Tag Family
                a. Tag the Line, b. Half Tag
1969    63.     Scoot Back
1966    64.     Fan the Top
?       65.     Hinge Family
1970            a. Couple, b. Single
1974    66.     Recycle (waves only)
        67.     Acey Deucey
        68.     Teacup Chain
        69.     Ping Pong Circulate
        70.     Load the Boat
        71.     Partner Tag
        72.     Extend
        73.     Peel Off
        74.     Linear Cycle (From waves only)
        75.     Coordinate
        76.     (Anything) & Spread
        77.     Spin Chain the Gears
        78.     Track II
        79.     (Anything) & Roll
        80.     Follow Your Neighbor
        81.     Explode the wave
        82.     Explode & (Anything)
        83.     Relay the Deucey
        84.     Peel the Top
        85.     Remake the Thar
        86.     Diamond Circulate
        87.     Single Circle to a Wave
        88.     Trade the Wave
        89.     Flip the Diamond
        90.     Grand Swing Thru
        91.     Crossfire
        92.     All 8 Spin the Top
        93.     Cut The Diamond
        94.     Triple Scoot
        95.     Chase Right
        96.     Dixie Grand
        97.     3/4 Tag the Line
        98.     Spin Chain & Exchange the Gears

The PLUS program is understood to include more creative use of the mainstream moves from other than standard positions.

Key: * - Suggested Teaching Order
T* - Traditional, author unknown, more than thirty years old.
1953 - Year call created, author known
? - Year unknown, not traditional

These lists are furnished through the courtesy of CALLERLAB and your local CALLERLAB callers.

CALLERLAB recommends that the MAINSTREAM Program, calls 1-66, be taught in not less than sixty (60) hours and the PLUS Program, calls 67-96 be taught in not less than thirty (30) hours. CALLERLAB also recommends that calls be taught from more than a single position or formation and that styling and timing be included as a part of the teaching program. Calls in Italics may be deferred until later in the teaching sequence.

Basic/Mainstream Revised 12/10/93
Plus Revised 4/12/94

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