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Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.COM - The Original Community Page for Modern Western Square Dancing
The Original Community Page for Modern Western Square Dancing
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Using Square or Round Dance Music
for Video Production for TV Broadcast

Dear Square Dancer:

There are two primary licensing issues when using square dance music (or any other type of music) in video productions for TV or any other purpose for that matter:

1. You would first need to contact the Square Dance Producer who actually produced the music you intend to use and ask permission to use HIS (or HER) actual musical production for the purpose specified...such as a public access TV show. As long as it is not-for-profit, my guess is that you would be granted such permission if it was being used to promote square dancing and that you would not earn any money by using it.

2. You would also need to get permission from the WRITER/PUBLISHER of that specific title for this use. That permission is in the form of a synchronization license which The Harry Fox Agency in New York no longer handles. That information can be researched at the following sources:

For your better understanding, the WRITER/PUBLISHER are the individuals who actually wrote the original song and words and who currently own the copyright on that material. Square dance music producers generally base their releases on songs written by others. On the other hand, some have written their own tunes.

We have been involved extensively in music licensing for many years now and can tell you that this is an extremely laborious task.

We have posted on our website, all of the contact information about producers which they have authorized. Click on Record Producers for that information. Also check our Callers Listing for contact information as well as the information contained on the record label and cue sheet itself (actually the best source). As you might imagine, we are not in a position to answer individual inquiries.

Thank you!
     Tom Dillander, Webmaster

We are not lawyers and we are not dispensing legal advice. We are simply passing on information which has come to our attention and we believe might be helpful to you. We assume no liability for this information or your use of it. If you need legal advice, you must secure professional legal counsel.

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