Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.COM - The Original Community Page for Modern Western Square Dancing
Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.COM - The Original Community Page for Modern Western Square Dancing
The Original Community Page for Modern Western Square Dancing
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Ideas for Interesting Mainstream

From the sd-callers mailing list

Bucket Stirs

From Frank Lescrinier - Frank1953@aol.com

Heads Promenade 1/2
Lead to the Right
Circle to a Line
Pass the Ocean
Single Hinge
Scoot Back
Original Side Couples Single Hinge
All do your part of a Recycle

Heads Promenade 1/2
Lead to the Right
Circle to a Line
Pass the Ocean
Single Hinge
Scoot Back
Original Side Couples Single Hinge
Girls DON'T MOVE...Boys Run


From Dick Hulbert - rfhulb@shadow.net

Ladies chain
Same ladies chain 3/4
Sides face Grand Square - 8 Steps
Left Allemande

From Don Beck - donbeck@mit.edu

From a squared set:

Four Ladies Chain
Four Ladies Fold
Touch 1/4
Men Star half way across
Grand Right and Left

From Jim Knight - jknight@cruznet2.cruznet.net

From a squared set:

Couples 2,3,4 rollaway w/half sashay
Heads sq thru four
Make a wave
Swing thru
Centers trade, ends circulate
Boys run, bend the line.
(Zero line)

From Ed Renauld - RenauldE@Tango-VS1.hanscom.af.mil

Right & Left Thru Equivalent from Facing Lines:

Pass the Ocean
Centers Trade
Swing Thru
Scoot Back
Fan the Top

From zero box:

Right&Left Thru
Make a Wave
Girls Trade
Swing Thru
Boys Cross Run
Chain Down The Line
Slide Thru
Allemande Left

From Paul Asente - asente@adobe.com

Calling "Run" in situations other than Boys Run from a RH wave with boys in the middle. Run from couples.
Calling fast sequences of Run/Trade calls, varying who it is who is running and trading.
Having just the center four dancers do a 4-person call from general lines.
Sometimes getting people into Inverted or 3&1 Lines.
Circulates where some dancers are facing.
Doing calls from half-sashayed or same-sex couples.
Making full use of the repertory of Thar and Alamo calls. Not just the 3 canned sequences that everyone can do sleepwalking.
Ending a sequence by turning it into a Thar/Alamo and working that way for a while, rather than just AL or R&L Grand.
Have some people doing one thing while the others do something else.
Doing calls from LH waves/2-face lines.
Same-sex/half-sashayed Slide Thrus.
Making use of the column of 6 dancers and distored column of 6 dancers in Quarter Tag-like formations.

From Dave Gipson - dgipson@mixi.net

Alamande left to Alamo Style and Balance
Now Boys circle left while the girls circle right
Left alamande and promenade (if they get that far)

From Jack Pladdys - PLADDYS@aol.com

From a static square

Alamande Left to an Alamo Wave
Starting with your right hand everyone Spin Chain Thru
Right & Left Grand

From a zero box

Swing Thru
Boys Run
Ferris Wheel
Centers step to a wave
Everyone Scoot Back
Right & Left Grand

From Frank Lescrinier - Frank1953@aol.com

From Zero Line:

Pass the Ocean
Swing Thru
Boys Run
Tag the Line-In
Pass Thru
Wheel & Deal
Just the centers Allemande Left
All Right & Left Grand

From Zero Box:

Slide Thru
Right & Left Thru (Corner Line OUT)
Ends Touch 1/4
Centers LEFT Touch 1/4
Those facing directly Allemande Left
Everybody Right & Left Grand

From Nasser Shukayr - NShukayr@aol.com

From a Corner Line In Sequence (Heads Square Thru, Slide Thru):

R&L Thru, Dixie Style to a Wave, Boys Trade, A.L.
Pass the Ocean, Girls Trade, Boys Do Your Part of a Recycle, A.L.
Pass The Ocean, Girls Trade, Single Hinge, Walk & Dodge, A.L.
Pass the Ocean, Girls Trade, Swing Thru, Everyone Fold, A.L.
Pass Thru, Tag the Line, Face In, A.L.

From an Across-The-Street Box (Heads Star Thru, Pass Thru):

Swing Thru Double, All 8 Circulate, Girls Run, A.L.
R&L Thru, Pass Thru, Find your Partner, Pull By, A.L.
Swing Thru, Boys Run, Boys Circulate once-and-a-half, Girls Trade and "Spread Apart" and U-Turn Back, A.L.

From Don Wood - dwood@halcyon.com

4 ladies chain 3/4
1&3 Right and Left Thru
Those Two Ladies Chain 3/4 to the Side Gent.
Side Gent Roll that girl (original side girl) 1/2 sashay.
Head Boys Do Sa Do and Back Away
Lines of 3 Do Sa Do
Same Six Pass Thru,
Same Six Girl Face Left Boy Face Right (Directional Slide Thru)

Or for a singing call,

Heads step in and face your corner,
Pass Thru and all face in
Circle 4 half way
Slide the Girls in Front,
Girls Pass Thru
All Pass Thru
Boys Pass Thru
Girls Turn Back Swing and Promenade

From Robert French - rfrench@cs.stanford.edu

Head Ladies Chain 3/4
Side Boy Roll that Lady with a 1/2 Sashay
Lines of 3 Touch 1/4
Extend (possibly questionable usage)
Column Circulate
Boys Run

From Marty Firstenberg - mart@primenet.com

Singing call:

Heads Sq thru 4
Sides Face, Grand Square (all the way)
Heads cloverleaf, come down the middle and pass thru
Heads cloverleaf again and come down the middle square thru three
Swing corner, Promenade.

From Kevin vanVliet - vanvliet@accent.net

All the Girls use your Left Hand - Everybody Star Thru

Zero box (Box 1-4):

Spin Chain Thru
Girls Circulate 1 & 1/2
Boys do Half A Walk and Dodge

or a singing call:

All 4 Ladies Chain 3/4
Heads Square Thru 4
Spin Chain Thru
Girls Circulate 1 & 1/2
Boys do Half A Walk and Dodge
Swing your corner

Anytime you are going to call a rlg from a wave:

(Tell the dancers before you call this that there are baseball players in the square.)
All 8 Circulate
Walk and Dodge
(here come the team players)
Dodgers Trade

Anytime you can sight an All 8 Circulate to a RLG:

Walk and Dodge
Dodgers Trade

From Ronny Hermans - rhermans@uia.ua.ac.be

From Corner Line (Heads Square Thru - Star Thru)

Pass Thru
Tag the Line Right
Couples Circulate
Couples Circulate
Allemande Left (Home?)

From Zero Box:

Right and Left Thru
Veer Left
Ferris Wheel
Only the Boys Veer Left
Allemande Left

From Lorenz Kuhlee - 101675.405@compuserve.com

Heads Slide Thru
Square Thru 3
See Saw
Step To Left Hand Wave
Scoot Back
Chain Down the Line
Pass The Ocean
Allemande Left

Heads Square Thru but on 4th Hand Left Swing Thru
Ctrs Cross Run
All Boys Run
(Zero Line)

Singing call:

H Square Thru 4
Right And Left Thru
1/2 Sashay
Swing Thru
Girls Trade And Run
Ferris Wheel
Ctrs Swing Thru
Scoot Back
Swing And Promenade

Ideas for Square Thru but on the 3rd Hand:

This concept is not a new idea. You must understand that any Square Thru but on the 3rd hand that starts with your Right Hand is a Right and Left Thru Equivalent. Once you understand that, you can create a very easy zero (if the arrangement is zero):

Right and Left Thru---Square Thru but on 3rd Hand.

But that is not very smooth for the boys, since they have their right hand on the lady's back and must come all the way around to give a Right Pull By. Just think of Equivalents.

Static Square:

Heads Square Thru 2 = Heads Right and Left Thru, Touch 1/4, Boys Run
NOW Call: Heads Square Thru but on the 3rd hand Touch 1/4, Boys Run.
Easy to remember!

If you want to create a getout to a Right and Left Grand:
You know after a Heads Lead Right, Swing Thru you can call a Right and Left Grand. All we have to do is add a Right and Left Thru Equvilent first. Here we go:

Heads Lead Right, Swing Thru, Pass Thru Partner Trade, Square Thru but on the 3rd hand R & L Grand.

Wow!!! Very easy (Maybe the Partner Trade is not Smooth for the centers but you can create others...)

Same Idea: think of Right And Left Thru but have the left hand free for the following call. Example:

Heads Square Thru 4, Right And Left Thru, Right and Left Thru, Allemande Left
Heads Square Thru 4, Right and Left Thru (add zero: Swing Thru, Boys Run, Wheel and Deal), Left Square Thru but on the 3rd hand Allemande Left

Another example:

Heads Square Thru 4, Slide thru, (Setup Corner Lady Line)
Square Thru but on the 3rd Hand...
only Centers Square Thru but on that 3rd Hand...
everybody R&L Thru
Again Square Thru but on the 3rd Hand...
only Centers Square Thru but on the 3rd Hand...
all Slide Thru and Centers Roll
You're Home!

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