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"We think that you have a great site, and refer to it often, and we also recommend it to other dance leaders and dancers who are looking for information , supplies or music. Thanks for what you do. You certainly save me alot of time and make my extremely busy life go smoother!!!"   - - Carol Belk, Mississippi
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"I consider the service provided by the Palomino Record service to be exemplary. Nothing is too much trouble for them and any queries or problems are dealt with quickly and accurately. Their customer service is superb and an example to others on how to deal with the public. Well done Palomino.
  - - John Boxall
        U.K. caller

"Thanks for the GREAT service you provide to square dancing!"
  - - K.F.

"We certainly do appreciate you being there to promote square dancing"
  - - Beth Micek
       Peachtree Squares

"A really great source for callers, cuers & dancers."
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"Perfect website. Very informative."
  - - R.B.

"We love your site and think you are doing a great service to dancers, callers, vendors, everybody. Thanks so much."
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       Yuma Square & Round
       Dance Assn.

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       Copenhagen, Denmark

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       Washington, DC

"I'm glad there is a website with information on square dancing. It is hard to find information!"
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"This is my first time to view your website. I think you are doing a great job. We need all the help we can get to keep square dancing moving along, particurlarly with younger people. Keep up your good work. It is appreciated."
  - - Alice

"This is just what I was looking for...THANKS!"
  - - Wendy

Hanhurst's Tape & Record Service

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Callers Corner
Table of Contents
Caller/Cuer Database
Callers Wanted
Women In Calling
Callers College Scholarships
Callers Colleges
Books and Notes Services
Music Review Service
MiniDisk Recorders & MP3 Digital Files
Song Lyrics Resources
Record Producers
Square Dance Music Themes
Caller Listings
Separate registrations are required for each caller listing.
Caller and Cuer Database by DOSADO.COM (1,862 callers, 316 Cuers)- Register now!
Callerlab Accredited Caller Coaches (official list)
Canadian Callers/Cuers/Instructors Listing - CSRDS (600 callers & cuers)
Caller and Cuer Database by Vic Ceder
Round Dance Cuers Internet Directory by Roger Ward
Callers/Cuers Wanted
The following clubs/conventions are currently in search of a caller or Cuer:

The Long Key Squares, located at Outdoor Resorts on Long Key Florida is seeking a caller for the winter season [ January, February and March] 2013. Long Key is located about half way from the Florida Mainland and Key West. It is truely a Tropical Paradise. Interested persons should contact the club President, Dick Randolph

Hawaii Aloha State Festival is seeking National Callers and Cuers desiring to be featured on our annual Festival Program during the limited but perks are outstanding in January. If interested, contact John Fung by email

Singing Calls
The Choreo Database - by Vic Ceder
Half-Break figures - by H. Orlo Hoadley
Tax-deductible donation to CALLERLAB requested

Disposable Experimentals by Clark Baker  New
     Square dance calls that you could teach at a dance, use for a tip (or a whole evening) but the dancers wouldn't be responsible for remembering it after that.
The Future of Vinyl by Paul Bristow - Producer Sting and Snow Records
Thomas Bernhed Choreography Page
Bucket Stirs & Other Interesting Ideas for Mainstream - from 'sd-callers' and other places (last updated 4/2/96)
Zeros and Equivalents - by H. Orlo Hoadley
An Easy Gimmick - by H. Orlo Hoadley
Plus 14 - by H. Orlo Hoadley
Koreo by Kevin - by Kevin Van Vliet (last updated 7/3/96)
Vic Ceder's Square Dance Page
Rich Reel's Caller's Notes
Song Lyrics Sources by Frank Lescrinier
Clark Baker's Resource Page
       Barstool Dancing
       Alternative Patter Music
       Database of all Square Dance Calls (large file)
       Hexagon Squares
       Square Games

Women In Calling Resources
Women In Calling - Complete Record Listing of Music by Women Callers
       CALLERLAB Women In Calling Committee -Favorite Singing Calls & Patter Music

Square Dance Teaching Resources - by Jim Wass
Square Dance Teaching Philosophy - by Jim Wass
Teaching Spin Chain the Gears - by H. Orlo Hoadley
Teaching Trade the Wave - by H. Orlo Hoadley
T = 3t - by H. Orlo Hoadley

Callers Colleges
Callers Colleges

Callers College Scholarships
CALLERLAB - Scholarships

Complete Listing of Square & Round Dance Books
     by Palomino Records
Multi-Cycle Dance Program by Milt Floyd

Note Services
Caller's Notes by Rich Reel

Music Review Service
Palomino Hanhurst's Music Review Service

Hanhurst's Tape & Record Service

Minidisc Recorders & MP3 Digital Music Files
MiniDisc Recorders and Their Application to Square Dance Calling
and Round Dance Cueing
by Gregg Anderson
Complete listing of MP3 Square & Round Dance Music
*Free Online Previews

Song Lyrics Resources
Song Lyrics Resources

The largest selection of Square Dance MP3s on the Internet!
Square & Round Dance Record Producers
(Palomino Records shopping pages)

Square Dance Music Themes
Theme & Special Occasion Square & Round Dance Records
1920'S Music 1940'S Music
1950'S Music 1960'S Music
1970'S Music
ABBA Al Jolson Tunes
Baseball Beatles
Birthday Big Band Music
Broadway Show Tunes Buddy Holly
Cajun Music Calypso Music
Cash - Johnny Cash
Campbell - Glen Campbell Christmas Music
Contras Cowboy Songs  *
Crosby - Bing Crosby Cruise Music
Cruise Music Darin - Bobby Darin
Denver - John Denver Disco Music
Disney Easter Music
Elvis Football
Gospel Haggard - Merle Haggard
Halloween John - Elton John
Harmonica Music Harmony Vocals
Hawaiian Music Love Songs (Valentine's Day)
Marching Music Martin - Dean Martin  *
Months of the Year
Mother's Day Music Patriotic Songs
Patter - Called Patter - 2 Couple
Polka Music (tempo or title) Railroad & Train Songs
Sing Alongs Spanish/Latin Music
Special Events (fanfare, birthday...) St. Patrick's Day
State Names In Titles Summer Songs
Strait - George Strait Texas Swing/Western Swing
Thanksgiving Music TV Theme Music
Traditional Eastern Squares Wedding
Winter Music Yodeling Songs
Women In Calling
CALLERLAB Women In Calling Committee
      Top 35 Favorite Singing Calls
      Favorite Singing Calls
      Favorite Patter Records
      Favorite Records (out-of-print)
Women Callers - Complete Record Listing by Caller Name
Round & Line Dance Music Index
By Title (A to I) By Label (21 to GAL)
By Title (J to R) By Label (GR to MCA)
By Title (S to Z) By Label (MGR to WW)
By Phase - Phase 1 By Phase - Phase 2
By Phase - Phase 3 By Phase - Phase 4
Easy Beginner Rounds Line Dances
Waltz Rounds Pop Music (45 rpm)
Round Dance Music on MP3s Round Dance Music on CDs
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