Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.COM - The Original Community Page for Modern Western Square Dancing
Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.COM - The Original Community Page for Modern Western Square Dancing
The Original Community Page for Modern Western Square Dancing
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All 8 Circulate         - "All-8, all-8"
Allemande Left          - Clap hands
Bend the Line           - "Get Bent!"
Chain Down the Line     - "Chain me down, chain me down!"
Couples Circulate       - "Circles Copulate"
Dive Thru               - "Dive, dive"
                        - "A-oo-ga" (submarine diving noise)
Double Pass Thru        - "DPT!"
Ferris Wheel            - "Wheeee"
                        - End turns center under arm during turn
Flutterwheel            - "Whoop, whoop, whoop"
Ladies Chain            - (at C1 & above) Balance and whoop in the center,
                          and eliminate Courtesy Turn
Ladies In, Men Sashay   - Ladies whoop it up
Move Up to the Middle and Back
                        - "Moooo"
Pass the Ocean          - "Splash!"
                        - Clap hands
Promenade Halfway       - Inactives do a Highland Fling Do Si Do
                        - Inactives do a ballroom dance turn
                        - Inactives make circle, do 2 hip bumps with opposite
Reverse the Flutter     - "Pow, pow, pow"
                        - "Leehw Rettulf"
Right and Left Grand    - Balance and slap L hands when meeting someone with
                          the R hand
Right and Left Thru     - "Thank you"
                        - "Thank you" then "You're welcome"
                        - (as a sequence opener at Challenge) "We can do that"
Shoot the Star          - "Bang!"
Square Thru             - (as a sequence opener, done by heads or sides)
                          Inactives do 2 California Twirls
Stars (during singing call figures (not breaks))
                        - "Aaaaughhh!!!!!!" (scream of despair)
Sweep 1/4               - Sweep the floor with free hand
Swing Thru              - "Schwing!"
Touch 1/4               - Touch forehead with free hand
                        - Touch forehead and say "Doh!" a la Homer Simpson
Trade By                - "Bye!" (wave goodbye as you pass or trade)
U-Turn Back             - "Baaa"
Veer to the Left/Right  - "Vera!"
Wheel and Deal          - "Wheeling" then "Dealing"
                        - "...and squeal"
Zoom                    - "ZZZOOOOOOOOOMMM!!!!"


Centers Cross Run       - "Mee..." (see Mix)
Cloverleaf              - Spread arms, act like a child playing airplane
Dixie Style to a Wave   - "Hi, Dixie!"
                        - "Ditsy style"
Eight Chain Thru        - "Bor-ring!"
Hinge                   - "Creak"/make creaking noise
Scoot Back              - Scooters grunt
                        - Scooters squeal if girls
                        - Non-scooters say "Go Girl!" if girls scooting
Slide Thru              - "Whoosh" while gracefully sliding arms out
                          to the sides
Spin the Top            - "Spin the Top"
                        - "Spin the Top" then "He's no top" (and on, and on...)
                        - "189"
                        - (from LH waves) "981"
Tag the Line            - (Trailer taps leader on shoulder) "You're it!"


Acey Deucey             - "Quack" (also if cued)
 and Spread   - "The higher priced spread"
                        - "I can't believe it's not butter!"
Chase Right             - "Chase me, chase me!"
                        - "I'm chased"
Coordinate              - "Your shoes don't match your bag!"
Crossfire               - Machine gun noises
Cut the Diamond         - "Hai-ahhh!"
                        - "Hiya!"
Diamond Circulate       - Clap hands
Dixie Grand             - "Right!  Left!  Right!"
                        - "Right!  Wrong!  Right!"
Explode       - "Boom!"
Fan the Top             - "With a big left hand"
                        - (from LH waves) "With a big wrong hand"
                        - Fan yourself with the outside hand
Flip the Diamond        - Flip hands up to shoulders, squeal
Follow Your Neighbor    - "Hi, neighbor!"
                        - "Shazam!"
Grand Swing Thru        - "Ain't it grand?"
                        - Make "Tarzan swinging through trees" sound
Linear Cycle            - "Hinge, fold, pass [or follow], peel"
                        - "Hinge, hold, pass, feel"
                        - "Hinge, fold, cop a feel"
                        - "Blah, blah, blah, blah"
                        - "Hinge, fold, Mister Popeil"
Load the Boat           - "Toot, toot"/"Whoo, whoo"
                        - Make a tugboat whistle sound
Partner Tag             - Snap fingers
Peel Off                - "Rice!"
Peel the Top            - (from a Z) "What a surprise!"
Ping Pong Circulate     - Clap hands
Relay the Deucey        - "Girl on, boy off, girl on, boy off" (regardless
                          of the initial position)
                        - "Hey, Lucy!" in a Desi Arnaz voice
Remake the Thar         - "Quarter!  Half!  Three-quarters!"
Teacup Chain            - Morose grumbling
                        - Wild cheering
Track Two               - "Track, track"
                        - "Toot, toot"/"Whoo, whoo"
                        - "Track, track, whoopee, whoopee"
                        - "Toot, toot, whoopee, whoopee"
Trade and Roll          - "Troll"
Trade the Wave          - (at Advanced and above) "Wave"
Triple Scoot            - "Rooty-toot-toot!"
(when first getting into a diamond for the first time of the night)
                        - "I see it!"


All 4 Couples Right and Left Thru
                        - "I LOVE this call!"
Anything and Cross      - Snarl crossly
Cast a Shadow           - Hingers whoop
                        - Non-whoop-ees shout "Rats!"
                        - Those casting back do elaborate over-the-shoulder
                          arm sweep
                        - Shadower raises arms, stalks the person being
                        - "Casta Diva"
Chain Reaction          - "Hinge, fold, pass, feel"
Double Star Thru        - "Bing, bang"
Half Breed Thru         - Indian-style whoo-whoo-whoo
Horseshoe Turn          - "Ah choo!"
                        - "Ah choo!" then "Bless you"
                        - "Ah, shit!"
                        - "Horse shit!"
Lock It                 - "Click"
Mini Busy               - "...but few are chosen"
Mix                     - "Meow" (also if cued, then "Me" on the Cross Run,
                          and "Ow" on the trade)
Motivate                - "I don't want to"
Pass and Roll           - "Pass the rolls?"
                        - Original centers slap floor twice after turning
Pass Out                - Act faint
Pass the Sea            - "Wheee!"
Peel and Trail          - "Peeling" then "Trailing"
                        - "Trailers always trade"
Scoot and Weave         - "Scooting" then "Weaving"
Scoot Chain Thru        - "Work, work, work"
                        - "Work, work, work" then "Bitch, bitch, bitch"
                        - "Shop, shop, shop"
Step and Slide          - "Scratch and Sniff"
Swap Around             - Belles mime slapping opposite beau's face
Switch        - "Swish!"
Trade Circulate         - (from 2-faced lines) "Ding, ding" then "He's
                          not here"
Transfer the Column     - "Where do you want it?"
Triple Star Thru        - "Bing, bang, bong"
Wheel Thru              - Clap


Ah So                   - "Wahoo"
Alter the Wave          - "Walter"
                        - "No little waves here!"
Butterfly               - Flutter arms gracefully
Checkover               - "...the children, Lucille"
                        - "The chitlins"
Counter Rotate          - "Big one"
Cross and Turn          - Beaus go "Bang!"
Cross Chain and Roll    - "Bagels"
Cross Chain Thru        - "No bagels"
Dixie Sashay            - Do air kisses during Slither
Linear Action           - "Starts with a hinge"
Make Magic              - "Poof" as you flick fingers in conjuring gesture
O                       - Raise hands above head to form an O
                        - "Oh"
Pass the Axle           - "Who are you calling an axle?"
                        - "Don't turn the star!"
                        - "Ouch!"
Percolate               - "Olate, olate"
                        - (on Turn Thru or Cross) "Ole!"
Ramble                  - "Rambo!"
Relay the Shadow        - see Cast a Shadow
Reverse Cross and Turn  - Belles go "Gnab!"
Reverse Explode         - "Moob!"
Rotary Spin             - Make buzzing sound
                        - "Buzz"
Scatter Scoot           - "Scatterbrains"
Scoot Back (as part of something else, e.g. in Tag Back to a Wave)
                        - "Back, back!"
Square Chain the Top    - "Top, top, top"
Square the Bases        - "With smiling faces"
                        - Do a grotesquely fixed grin
                        - "Don't touch me" when passing shoulders
                        - "Shoulders" when passing shoulders, while
                           elaborately making a show of avoiding contact
                           with the other dancer
                        - "Don't turn the star!"
Squeeze the Butterfly   - "Yuck!"
Stretch Ah So           - "Oooh!"
Stretch       - Yawn and stretch arms
Swing the Fractions     - "Quarter!  Half!  Three quarters!  Half!  Quarter!"
Tally Ho                - "Yoicks!"
Triple Cross            - "Bang, bang, bang!"
Wheel Fan Thru          - "Wheel your fanny!"
                        - "It's no biggie"
Zing                    - (sung on a high note) "Laaaa!"


Bounce the      -  jumps up and down
Chisel Thru             - "In! Out! In!" or "In! In!! In!!!" as appropriate
Criss Cross the Shadow  - see Cast a Shadow
Criss Cross Your Neighbor
                        - Trailing ends whoop in the middle
                        - "Rats!" if your're not a trailing end
Cross Ramble            - "Rambo, and he's cross!"
Cross the K             - "Dot the i"
Drop In                 - "Anytime!"
File to a Line          - "Spread 'em!"
Flip Your Neighbor      - Make obscene hand gesture
Funny         - "Ha"
Here Comes the Judge    - Right hand dancer:  "Right!" or "Judge!"
                        - "The judge is right"
Hocus Pocus             - "Oh oh"
Hubs Trade Back         - "Hubba, hubba"
Kick Off                - "Ouch!" while acting like you were just kicked
                          in the butt
Little More             - "Morons"
 Motivate     - "ivate", e.g. "Trade-ivate" or 
Perk Up                 - "Up, up"
                        - "Up, up, whatever that means"
                        - "Up, Chuck"
 Perk Up      - " up", e.g. "Trade up" or "Stack up"
Rims Trade Back         - "Rimming"
Single Cross and Wheel  - "No trade"
Sock It To Me           - Left hand dancer: "Left!" or "Sock!" or "Left sock!"
Stagger Circulate       - Stagger
Swing Along             - "La, la, la" along with the music
Unwrap the Diamond      - (leading point) "Apres moi!"
With the Flow           - "She's not here" (Flo)
 to a Diamond (from appropriate t-bone)
                        - "But you won't get one"


Beau Hop                - "Bozo"
Belle Hop               - "Belle-zo"
Bias Circulate          - "How much?"
                        - "Buy a vowel"
                        - "I'm biased" or "I'm not biased"
Breaker 3               - "Break her knee"
                        - "Tonya Harding"
                        - "Galooli!"
Catch  N      - (after the anything) "There's a catch"
 Chain Thru   - "She's not here" (unless you have Jane at the dance,
                          then "She's here")
Checkerboard Mix        - "Sounds like dog food"
Cross         - Snarl crossly
Drift Apart             - "Split ends"
Ease Off                - "Laaa!" (ends) or "Wahoo!" (centers)
Expand the Column       - "Flip out!"
Explode the Top         - (when last person joins the star) "'s our hero"
Extender's Dilemma      - "Rice or potatoes?"
Flipper's Delight       - "Tuna!"
                        - "Getting scrod"
Flipper's Dilemma       - "Eat fish or save Timmy?"
Follow the Leader       - "Mooooo"
 the Gamut    - "Dammit!"
Keep Busy               - "I am busy"
Locker's Choice         - "Near the showers"
Plan Ahead              - "Where DOES that nose go?"
                        - "I want one with a moustache!"
Quarter the Deucey      - "Poor deucey"
Reach Out               - "Chouting"
                        - "Wocka, wocka"
Recoil                  - "Reeking; coiling"
                        - "Reeking; oiling"
Scoot and Fancy         - "Sid and Nancy"
                        - "Ron and Nancy"
Scoot the Diamond       - "What diamond?"
Snap the Lock           - Snap fingers when doing partner tag
Something New           - "I've done this before"
Spin Chain the Line     - "Del loves this call"
Spin the Pulley         - "No butts?  What holds their legs on?"
Stable                  - Giggle insanely
Tagger's Delight        - "A blank wall"
Tagger's Dilemma        - "Spray paint or Magic Marker?"
Team Up                 - "Bo knows!"
Trade the Deucey        - "Quack"
Triple Play             - "Hey, hey, hey!"
                        - "Smarter than the average bear"


Boomerang               - "Zoomerang"
Change the Centers/Wave - "Into what?"
Fan           - "Waive the trade"
Gee Whiz                - "Cheese Whiz"
                        - "Whizzing!"
Lift Off                - "Hasta la vista, baby"
                        - "Bye"
Reactivate              - "O vate, Pavel"
Reverse the Pass        - "Baby, baby, hey"
Reverse the Top         - "Fan that puppy"
Scramble                - "Choo, ah"
Single Ferris Wheel     - "IIIIIIII"
Take 2                  - "They're small"


Bits and Pieces         - "Kibbles and bits"
Cross Horseshoe Turn    - "Choo, Ah"
Curli-Wheel             - "Hear them squeal"
                        - "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk"
Make a Pass             - "Hey, babe"
Settle Back             - "Set O Back"

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