Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.COM - The Original Community Page for Modern Western Square Dancing
Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.COM - The Original Community Page for Modern Western Square Dancing
The Original Community Page for Modern Western Square Dancing
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Suggestions for Retaining Class MembersÖ.
A Roundtable Discussion of the
Cow Counties Hoedown Association & Cow Counties Callers Association

  • "Meet & Greet" Class Members at the door upon arrival to class..
  • "Make Class Members Feel Wanted" at the class..
  • Do not talk about the "Length of The Class"..
  • Keep the class "FUN", especially for Class Members..
  • Make sure Club Members donít do their "Fancies" during class..
  • If the Caller hasnít taught it during Class, DONíT DO IT..
  • Allow more time for "Mainstream" & "Plus" teaching..
  • Need better "Solo Rotation" to ensure All Single Class Members are dancing all the time..
  • Brief "Angels" on why they are thereÖTo Dance with Class Members..
  • Include Class Members in other Club Activities, ie parties, picnics, outings and other related Club Activities other than Square Dancing..
  • Try Two Classes an evening after Basics are taught..
  • Conduct a "Club" Workshop after the class..
  • Reward Class Members for Perfect Attendance Each Quarter, ie, Free 11th, 21st, 31st, Graduation Dance..
  • Rotate Class Instructors Once A Month. Must be coordinated..
  • Have each Class Couple/Single assigned a Mentor Club Member, whose responsibility it would be to Greet their member(s) each Class Night, call them during the week to ensure they are going to be at the next Class Night, Call them if they miss a night to ensure all is ok, and, dance with them during the class to help them through difficult moves..
  • Coordinate with other clubs to ensure area Classes are on different nights..
  • Encourage Class Members to attend other classes in their area..
  • Provide a list, with directions, to other Classes in the area..
  • After Mainstream, being promoting the Next Class with date, time & Place. Encourage current Class Members to start thinking about whom they might be bringing to the next class..
  • Graduate your Class Members into the Club at the Mainstream level, so youíve got them in the Club and they are now part of all club activities..
  • Once a quarter, go dark to visit another Class in your area..
  • Encourage Association Directorís to Visit & Support the Classes (And Clubs) in their District..
  • Provide "Nice" certificates at Graduation time..
  • Appoint a Sheriff & Deputy from your Class Members to handle fines during class. Make sure class members know that all monies collected will go toward "THEIR" Class Graduation Party..
  • Encourage Kids. Offer a special "Family Price" to includes kids in class, but, make sure parents come with them so you are not providing a Baby Sitting Service..
  • Screen Your Club Angels, and ensure they are not "Grumps"..
  • Callers should be more friendly toward Class Members..
  • Donít push "Square Dance Attire". They will come around when they, the Class Members are ready..
  • Make sure they "Caller" does not embarrass Class Member Members at anytime..
  • Ensure Club Members understand the learning process the class is going through, and donít get upset when Class Members make a mistake..
  • Dedicate Tips for Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc., to Class Members..
  • Drop those dancers that are constantly breaking down squares. Donít hang on to them because you brought them, or, you like them. They will be more damage to your Class and run others off..
  • Include your Class Members in Refreshment Responsibilities. They will feel part of the group..
  • Invite Class Members to go out with Club Members after the Class for Coffee, Pizza, or whatever..
  • Program Hoedowns so as to ALWAYS include Class Members..
  • Encourage Class Members to attend other "Special" Class Level Dances..
  • Encourage Class Members during Plus to begin recruiting for the new class.. (Couples For Couples Clubs & Singles For Single Clubs)..
  • Reward "Angels" for their Class Support by offering a "Free" Club Dance..
  • Have the Class at the end of Basics, Mainstream & Plus, vote for their favorite Angel, and reward that individual or couple..
  • Encourage Single Class Members to look for a "Partner" they can bring to the next Class..
  • Offer Square Dance Classes at local Community Colleges..
  • Ensure the Caller uses the call he just taught the Class in his next singing call..
  • Offer rewards to Club Members who bring in the most New Class Members, after the 5th Week..
  • Make sure that all your Class Night Activities are geared toward the Class. Keep Club Stuff for Club Nights, so as not to waste Class Time for Club Level/Member Activity, ie, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Awards, Etc..
  • Webmaster's Note: The above are perhaps completely apparent to all who read them...but they can never repeated often enough!
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