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Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.COM - The Original Community Page for Modern Western Square Dancing
Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.COM - The Original Community Page for Modern Western Square Dancing
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Articles, Humor, and Miscellanea
Table of contents
Multicycle Square Dance Classes
Advice and Information
Recruiting & Retention
Challenge Dancing

Note: We are often asked if you may print copy of one of the articles appearing on our pages. As long as you are using the articles for the non-profit promotion of square dancing, you are most welcome to duplicate any articles contained in our website. If we have just a link to another website, you must obtain the permission from that webmaster. You may not copy the article to your website...please place a link to ours instead. Please be certain to give full credit to the author, as well as "Western Square Dancing -" and list either that web address or the specific article address.

Shades of Gray - An Autobiography by Bill Peters (FREE Download)
Step By Step Through Modern Square Dance History by Jim Mayo Step By Step Through Modern
Square Dance History
- by Jim Mayo
The Basic Program - Gold Ribbon Committee Report
by Bob Osgood, "Sets In Order - Square Dancing Magazine" - December, 1968
A Brief History of Square and Round Dancing by Herb Egender
History and Heritage of Modern American Square Dancing
Square Dance History in the U.S. - From the archives of MACA
The History of Square Dancing - by the Canadian Square & Round Dance Society
The Development of Caller Leadership (The formation of Callerlab) - Lee Helsel, Arnie Kronenberger, Bob Osgood, Bob VanAntwerp
Ed Gilmore's 1949 Caller Instructors Course
Interview with Ed Gilmore - 1961 | German Translation
California Heritage Dancers A great historical resource site!
"In order not to lose these old time dances, the California Heritage Dancers was organized in 1986 recruiting members from various square dance clubs in Southern California. Extensive research has resulted in a large repertoire of varied dances from the 1700's to 1996."
Australian square dance caller Jim Vickers-Willis - A Life Story *
New historical page about Australian square dance caller Jim Vickers-Willis - a life story not dissimilar to that of Christopher Reeve - Jim was at the centre of Australia's square dance boom of the 1950s when he became paralysed from polio.
Multicycle Square Dance Classes
Offer Square Dance Lessons All Year Round - Nasser Shukayr
Ideas for a 10+10 Program - Nasser Shukayr
128 New Couples in 1 Year! - Keith Rippeto
Summary - Multicyle Square Dance Classes - by Mike Seastrom
Multicyle Square Dance Classes - Part 1 by Mike Seastrom
Multicyle Square Dance Classes - Part 2 by Mike Seastrom
Recruiting & Retention
Retaining Class Members A Roundtable Discussion of the Cow Counties Hoedown Association & Cow Counties Callers Association
Advice and Information
THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE - F. William Chickering's Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Square Dance Behavior
Callerlab Square Dance Programs...What's the Difference? by Clark Baker
Article Co-op - A large collection of SD-related articles
Dancing Will Add Ten Years to Your Life 
"ASK DAVE" Column from American Square Dance - Dave Gipson
A Partner Rotation For Single Dancers - Judy Anderson, Zip Coder
Who's Your Partner? - H. Orlo Hoadley
Hand Holds - Why and How - H. Orlo Hoadley
Callerlab's standard for fixing broken squares
Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Square Dance Behavior by F. Wm. Chickering
Ask The Square Dance Guru! Answers to your most probing questions.
Helping in a square by Clark Baker
Challenge Dancing
Lynette Bellini runs a Challenge Square Dancing web page. Many of the articles below are links to her page.
Multiple Formations Working Everywhichway - William B. Ackerman and J. Eric Brosius
Lynette Bellini's Choreographic Rules of Flow
The Rewind Concept - J. Eric Brosius
The Single Concept - J. Eric Brosius
How Good is Good? - Barry Clasper, Zip Coder
How May I Help? - Barry Clasper, Zip Coder
The 3 by 1 Concept - Sue Curtis
The 3 by 3 Concept - Sue Curtis
Dancing the Matrix Concept - Sue Curtis
A Look at Ourselves - Bill Heimann, November 1988 Zip Coder
Learning Calls - Bill Heimann, 1980
Initially Speaking: A New Concept for Challenge Dancers - Ett McAtee, December 1995 ZipCoder
Can there be such a thing as a Happy Challenge Dancer? - Patience Andy Ploumacie, June 1994 Zip Coder
'Parallelograms and Offset Lines/Columns' - Keith Rubow
Sour Belly Trio - Bugs Bunny (text file) (MS word DOC file)
Bugs Bunny Calling (RealAudio)
'Articles by Nasser Shukayr
The World's Longest Square Dance Call? - Stewart Kramer
Sound effects at all levels - Paul Asente
Parlez-vous square dance? - Patience Andy Ploumacie, December 1990 Zipcoder
Patricia Wahle's dancer survey
A Guide to Learning Western Square Dancing
    for Traditional Dancers - Bill Ackerman, March 1993
Notes from a Tempo Workshop - Don Beck et al.
Smithsonian Magazine Article February, 1996
Traditional Squares and Contras -- What are they all about anyway? by Clark Baker
WebMD Health Article - Health Impact of Square Dancing
Open Letter to the Country Music Assoiciation and Country Artists of America *
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